So today 44 of us visited the cbbc & bbc tour at Media City to see where some of our favourite programmes were filmed.

The children (and one of the mums) were able to have a go at presenting the Breakfast Show and the weather. They had fun learning about the effects of green fabric when using green screen for filming. Had a go at creating sound effects for radio and learned about dead sound. They visited several studios of different sizes, including Blue Peter and the one The Philharmonic use. They visited a ‘green room’ to find it wasn’t actually green! And sat in the make-up chairs.

This was a great experience for children and parents alike to learn what goes on behind the scenes. The tour guides were very informative and encouraged child/parent participation.

A good day had by all


Last Sunday at our final Fuse meet-up of the year we were joined by Sara and Alex, rangers from Dunham Massey, who did some fire making, toasting marshmallows and sawing wood for the fire with the children.  We had children from age 4 through to 15 and everyone had a fab time despite the cold.


Tonight, our last HFT karate session of 2018, was a grading session and all who attended did brilliantly when performing their Katas. Our newbies have gone from white to red belts (the youngest being just 4 years old), red belts achieved yellows and current yellows have progressed to orange belts.  A massive well done to all and a very big thankyou to Sensai Ian and Hayley for their understanding and patience.


Well done to all who attended our pizza making activity today, you all created some amazing pizzas. This was a great ‘sensory’ activity with the children getting stuck in with stretching the dough, which according to one of our members “feels lovely, better than playdoh!”. They also had the opportunity to smell and taste various ingredients and then the best part was the eating of what they’d created.

It’s always great to see the children getting along so well and enjoying themselves. I was particularly proud of one little boy who was very unsure at the beginning but got stuck in and left with a smile on his face.

Also a big thanks again to the staff at Pizza Express who are always great with the children and make the experince fun.


    🎉🎈👍 4 YEARS 👍🎈🎉


Wow, In September 2013 HFT hosted our first monthly meet-up and what a lot we have done in that four years. Aside from the regular activities at our current venue our children have had some great social, learning and fun experiences and pleased to say our parents have too 😁:

  • we have had 44 regular monthly meet-ups
  • ran an 8 session social skills course
  • visited all local trampoline parks (some more than once)
  • Ran a ten week ‘film makers’ course and invited parents and friends to the movie premier for ‘Time Flies’ – the fantastic short film our group created
  • played 10-pin bowling
  • practiced baking skills
  • made pizzas
  • became chocolatiers for a day
  • Visited by a researcher of primary-secondary education transition to hear feedback and gain info/tips
  • enjoyed team-building activities at Challenge4Change
  • held  and learnt about a variety of animals courtesy of Animal Ash
  • had several theatre trips
  • had a road safety session hosted by GMP
  • ran a speech and language course
  • ran a 6 weeks art / craft course
  • had visits from Occupational Therapists
  • Ran a ten week Mindfulness course for parents
  • visted the CBBC tour with lots of interactive opportunities
  • ran a course of ‘fit-tastic’ activies to help with co-ordination
  • had many coffee mornings and mums meals out
  • we have also been running weekly karate sessions for over a year and a half with children achieving red belts and soon to try for yellow.

Hmmmm, haven’t we been busy?!

A massive thank you to George who has managed to secure funding to enable us to do all of the above.

If anyone has suggestions for activites next year please email Michelle at

Our committee: Jayne, George, Michelle & Fiona would like to say how proud we all are of what we have achieved so far and a big thank you to all involved – funders, venues, third party providers, volunteers but especially our children & parent members. It’s been great to get to know so mnay people, some of which have been attending from day one, and to see the children and parents alike form new friendships.



Well it was lovley to see everyone having fun at Total Ninja today.  24 of our children and one mum faced the ninja challenge and mostly won.

It’s always lovely to get our children together for fun, social events like this and great for our parents to be able to socialise with each other also.

Another successful grading night at our regular karate sessions.

Since starting the HFT karate sessions in February 2016 our group has grown nicely. Five of the children who started lessons in January this year have tonight successfully ocmpleted their red belt grading, and all did a brilliant job.

well done to our fantastic karate kids and their excellent teachers.

The HFT committee would like to say a very big thank you to Dr H Almasri and the staff at Hematogenix Laboratory Services Ltd for their very kind donation of £500. We would also like to thank Roz, a regular HFT member since we began in 2013, for nominating us.

The money will go towards payment of the fuse for our monthly meet-ups and to help fund additional activities.

Thank you.

well what fun we all had on our recent visit to Challenge 4 Change

The group of children and some parents had a go at many challenging activities like climbing across a huge pile of car tyres, which was a great test of co-ordination. They worked brilliantly as a team to build a structure with a set number of tyres.

they all had a go at the assault course and helped their team mates out along the way.

they also bravely ventured up to the high obstacle course, again a great test of co-ordination skills and bravery. Some were nervous, some excited, but a good day was had by all.

HFT would like to say a massive thank you to the Challenge 4 Change staff for being so inclusive, especially Denis & Nick who supported the group on the day.




The High-functioning Trafford committee and our karate kids (and their families), would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Cartwright’s of Altrincham for their very kind cash donation. It enabled us to buy a karate outfit (gi) for each of the children, a license each and to put them through their first grading to earn a red belt.

The children have all been attending lessons (specially for children with high-functioning autism and their siblings), for several months and are really enjoying learning  a new skill.  For them it is about so much more than learning a martial art – karate  also helps with their listening and concentration, aids hand-eye co-ordination and cross-body movements (which in turn can help with reading), helps with spacial awareness, builds stamina and self-esteem, plus it is a great way for them to access an out-of-school activity with their siblings and others who have the same difficulties, where they are understood and accepted and can work to their own level.

Last Friday, 4th November, was the first session where the children wore their new gi’s – we all thought they looked fantastic and the children were very proud of their new kit. They had a fantastic session, all putting in extra effort and enthusiasm.


1st karate grading


Red belts achieved

We also want to take this opportunity to say a massive thanks to Ian, Hayley and Tony at Sale Dojo who are all brilliant with the children – they are so patient, understanding and encouraging, which brings the best out in our children.

HFT were recently asked to review this book. MIchelle read through it and gave the following feedback:



The author has excellent insight into how a person with autism sees things, he is clearly a good observer and listens to the families he works with.

The book contains a great range of examples/individual experiences showing the differences from one person with asc to another.

I especially liked Chapter 4 ‘trust, fear & control’ and Chapter 8 ‘wisdom form the circle’.

Every parent should read this book, regardless of how long autism has been part of their life. We’ve known about my daughters autism for 10 of her 12 years and i like to think i have a good understanding of it but this book explains things in such a way that i am now seeing things from a different angle. Sometimes parents need reminding of the small things that affect our children in a huge way. Autism is a life long journey for the parents as well as he individual with the diagnosis – we must never assume we know everything about it, its a constant learning curve. This book shows that perfectly.

The book would also be a huge benefit to teachers and professionals involved in working with people with asc.