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1 week ago
IPSEA update on COVID-19, school closures and SEN provision

IPSEA has put together a list of FAQs on the how the COVID-19 measures will affect children and young people with special educational needs (“SEN”).

1 week ago
Trafford Speech and Language Therapy

Next week, we’re talking to Kathryn Goggins from Trafford Children's Therapy Service about their team and how we work together across services.

1 week ago
Children and young people with EHC plans who are not getting enough special educational provision during the COVID-19 pandemic

Complaining when the LA is not using reasonable endeavours to secure special educational provision in an EHC during the COVID-19 pandemic: COVID-19 Model letter A How do I know what should usually be ... See more

1 week ago
Microsoft Forms

A friends daughter in y12 is doing a study re how autism affects different people in social setting. She has an autistic sister hence wants to help raise awareness and learn more herself. Below is a ... See more

3 weeks ago

Research opportunity

3 weeks ago

Selling an original copy of Clicker 6 and accompanying Solar System Disk. £20 (was over £100 originally).

4 weeks ago
Just Psychology

Just Psychology is a social enterprise aimed at addressing the psychological and mental health needs of BME children and families throughout the UK.

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