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3 months ago
Microsoft Forms

A friends daughter in y12 is doing a study re how autism affects different people in social setting. She has an autistic sister hence wants to help raise awareness and learn more herself. Below is a ... See more

3 months ago

Research opportunity

3 months ago

Selling an original copy of Clicker 6 and accompanying Solar System Disk. £20 (was over £100 originally).

3 months ago
Just Psychology

Just Psychology is a social enterprise aimed at addressing the psychological and mental health needs of BME children and families throughout the UK.

5 months ago
Trafford Sendiass

While shelves inside the supermarkets are now well stocked, it is proving difficult for some families with children with #SEND, even those who are supposed to be shielding from #COVID19, to secure ... See more

5 months ago
Transition into adulthood: moving from school to college | Optimus Education Blog

This is insightful and helpful

The transition from school to college can be daunting for any teenager. Gareth D Morewood shares the experiences of a former student with autism, and how she deals with the challenges she faces at ... See more

5 months ago
Trafford Council

The early help commissioning team have launched 4 online parenting courses.

your pregnancy, birth & labour
your baby
your child
your teenager's brain.

The courses are FREE for all ... See more

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