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Help with teeth cleaning

Some children may have issues with the taste or frothiness of regular toothpaste due to Sensory Processing issues. I recently came across a toothpaste which gets around this but still contains the right amount of fluoride. It’s more expensive but worth every penny. It has to be ordered from a pharmacy – ASDA at Trafford Park are trialling it at their pharmacy as myself and another parent have recently asked about it. For more info see the link: http://www.oranurse.co.uk/

oranurse toothpaste

I also came across a new type of toothbrush which may be helpful for children with hypermobility or dyspraxia, who struggle to get at all parts of their teeth. They come in a range of colours and are age relevant so if ordering check you get the right one for the childs age. You may want to Google them if you are thinking of buying one or more as there may be other sites that sell at a better price. See the link for more info http://www.dentocare.co.uk/Products/Superbrush/SUPERBRUSH-COMPACT-JUNIOR

barman toothbrush

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