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HFT were recently asked to review this book. MIchelle read through it and gave the following feedback:



The author has excellent insight into how a person with autism sees things, he is clearly a good observer and listens to the families he works with.

The book contains a great range of examples/individual experiences showing the differences from one person with asc to another.

I especially liked Chapter 4 ‘trust, fear & control’ and Chapter 8 ‘wisdom form the circle’.

Every parent should read this book, regardless of how long autism has been part of their life. We’ve known about my daughters autism for 10 of her 12 years and i like to think i have a good understanding of it but this book explains things in such a way that i am now seeing things from a different angle. Sometimes parents need reminding of the small things that affect our children in a huge way. Autism is a life long journey for the parents as well as he individual with the diagnosis – we must never assume we know everything about it, its a constant learning curve. This book shows that perfectly.

The book would also be a huge benefit to teachers and professionals involved in working with people with asc.

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