CBBC & BBC Tour 2019

Blue Peter filming studio at the BBC in Media City UK.
Huge filming studio at Media City UK.

Today 44 of us visited the CBBC & BBC tour at Media City to see where some of our favourite programmes were filmed.

The children (and one of the mums!) were able to have a go at presenting the Breakfast Show and the weather. They had fun learning about the effects of green fabric when using green screen for filming. Had a go at creating sound effects for radio and learned about dead sound. They visited several studios of different sizes, including Blue Peter and the one The Philharmonic use. They visited a ‘green room’ to find it wasn’t actually green! And sat in the make-up chairs.

This was a great experience for children and parents alike to learn what goes on behind the scenes. The tour guides were very informative and encouraged child/parent participation.

A good day was had by all!