Sky High Climbing

Our November 2019 activity was a trip to Sky High Adventure for their clip ‘n’ climb! It was HFT’s first time visiting as a group and all went smoothly.

They have a great variety of climbing walls, each with a different theme and different challenges (some examples: features that move or rotate, pegs you hold in your hands to put in holes so you can imagine you are using ice picks climbing an icy mountainside, a free standing transparent wall where two people can climb together at the same time and race each other to the top!).

They also have a series of large green pipes which you can climb, daring to take the large step between each one, with each getting higher.

Before the climbing started the staff helped the children get their harnesses on and they presented the safety brief in such a way that kept everyone’s attention! The staff were great at helping clip the harnesses on and off each climbing wall, meaning that the parents could enjoy a coffee and chat whilst sitting in a position where they could watch.

The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, with some families enthusiastic to go back again soon!