Pizza Making

Our February activity was Pizza making at Timperley Food Studios.

After Avril explained why food hygiene is so important and everyone had washed their hands and put on their aprons the children teamed-up into pairs. They were each given a ball of dough to knead, shape, roll and stretch. They made their own pizza sauce using passatta, basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Once the sauce had been spread over the base they were able to chose their favourite toppings and were encouraged to try something they wouldn’t normally chose. Mozzarella was provided in balls and children were asked to tear this and put on last – this was a very sensory part of the activity which not everyone enjoyed but all gave it a go, one child commenting “it was like touching a wet egg”!

While the pizzas were cooking Avril gave the children the ingredients to make a basic bread dough. Again this was done as a team activity with each child having a go at something – great for encouraging sharing and working together.

Everyone then got to eat their pizza slices and i think they were all enjoyed as all plates were cleared.

Well done everyone for working so brilliantly together and thanks to Avril at Timperley Food Studios.