Meet the Team


JayneJayne Dillon is the group’s Chairperson and a former Registered Midwife with three children; two of her children have Asperger’s syndrome and the youngest also has selective mutism. Jayne is an active member of the Educational Rights Alliance and the Breathe Clean Air Group. She is the published author of ‘Jessi-cat, The Cat That Unlocked a Boy’s Heart’.




MichelleMichelle is mum to a daughter with high-functioning autism and dyspraxia.   She is the group Secretary and Co-ordinator and is responsible for keeping the groups records, member details and mailing list up-to-date, along with organising meet-ups, courses and trips.




georgeGeorge is the group’s Treasurer. He is very good at raising much needed funds for the group which pays for venue rental, trips and other social activities for members. He often attends monthly meet-ups and listens to what parents have to say about any issues or achievements.




Fiona is a committee member. Her son was diagnosed with autism at age 6. She is the author of ‘The Children’s Guide To Autism’, and ‘The Children’s Guide To Things People Say (but don’t really mean)’. She is keen to help increase people’s understanding about autism and support the empowerment of parents to effectively tackle the challenges they face.