Supporters & Member Feedback

The Fuse - our new venue from Feb 2015

The Fuse>  is the new venue where High-functioning Trafford have a once a month meet-up. It is a community building run by ROC (Redeeming Our Communities). Check out their website to see what other activities are available. Visit their website

What Our Members Say

“I’m so grateful to you for all your hard work with HFT.  I really admire how effective you have been at finding groups and courses for our kids.”

I have only just discovered HFT but I have been extremely impressed with the well thought out activities on offer – activities that demonstrate understanding the need to support the whole family. The meet ups provide social opportunities and interaction and support for both the children and adults affected. The mindfulness sessions are highly accessible, extremely welcoming, and I have found them very helpful as someone who gets stressed and anxious easily and has trouble relaxing and winding down – a brilliant idea to provide these, and not something I’ve ever tried before!    Thank you, and long may HFT continue!”

“HFT has been an invaluable source of support and fun for my daughter (10) and me.  I have been involved from the very early stages, before the group had a name.  I never thought it would develop into the fantastic social group that it is for children and young people with higher functioning ASD.  My daughter is totally at ease with the group, free to be herself without fear of judgement or misunderstanding.  She feels comfortable at and entertained by the gatherings at the Fuse (a brilliant venue with lots to offer).

My daughter has loved all of the activities that have been put on by HFT, as well the general get-togethers.  Bowling, the CBBC tour, Jump Nation, the Art classes, the Mindfulness course, to mention as many as I can think of off the top of my head – all of these activities she has embraced because they are done with others in a similar position to her.  All the young people seem very positive about everything we do with HFT.  It’s a joy to see them enjoying activities they may not otherwise find accessible, laughing, joking, having fun.  It’s a joy to be able to share my daughter’s enjoyment and treasure it alongside other parents who know how hard it can be to find activities that are suitably inclusive for our children with ASD, activities where in the mainstream world they can be sidelined, excluded.

It can be so upsetting to turn up to an after school activity and find our children sitting on their own whilst the others laugh and play together.  My daughter can be socially isolated in her life.  Unless she is around people who are prepared to meet her half way socially and understand her difficulties and needs life can be tough and lonely for her.  At HFT she can be herself.  There is no pressure on her to be anything else.

I am SO grateful to the HFT organisers for giving my daughter access to activities she enjoys with a group of like-minded people and caring and understanding adults.  I am grateful for the opportunity I get to talk to other parents caring for children with ASD.  Those talks make me feel supported and understood.  We can share information and stories, and not feel alone in our often difficult caring roles.

I really hope HFT can continue to keep up the good work.  It is an essential part of our lives.”

Dear HFT

I would like to give feedback on how supportive your group has been for me and my son and also his siblings since you started up. We did not have any support and were struggling to access anything as, at nine, my son was deemed too young or was on endless waiting lists at CAMHS, where he still remains! The group has given him the chance to meet other children, make friends, take part in well organized activities and also has allowed me to meet other parents in the same circumstances. We have been able to support each other (eg helping one mum with her DLA application) and share information which has been really helpful to us as a group. Having a child with ASD can be terribly isolating, as going out still draws stares and comments from other people. Being able to go out as part of a group makes us feel less alone and helps us resist the urge to apologize on behalf of our children as we often feel pressured to do when by ourselves