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Am I / my child entitled to any benefits


If you have a child with autism/Asperger’s you are likely to be entitled to DLA (Disability Living Allowance) for them.  The child doesn’t have to have a diagnosis but you have to be able to prove they need more help than a typical child of the same age.  The DLA document that needs to be completed is quite a long document and you have to give a breakdown of how long various tasks take to complete and what extra help your child needs.  It can be quite difficult to complete, especially for the first time, but Parent Partnersip are usually available to assist if needs be.  DLA is not allocated depending on income as it is a benefit awarded for the child rather than the parent.

Carers Allowance

If you are in receipt of middle rate DLA and you earn less than £100 per week you can apply for Carers Allowance. This is a benefit paid to the parent/carer.


If you are in recipt of either of the above you may find it handy to keep a copy of your confirmation letter in your handbag for when you go on days out as many venues have concessions for the disabled/carers which may include free or discounted entry and in some cases a fast-track entry so the child doesnt have to queue.  Some local venues which honor this are Legoland, Sealife, Blackpool Zoo, Lowry Theatre and there will be many more.

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