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Road Safety is so Important

HFT would like to say a huge thank you to two GMP police officers who very kindly ran a Road Safety Awareness session for us today.

The children listened whilst the PC explained the importance of road safety. She kept them engaged well by asking questions throughout and also provided visual information to back up what she was saying. The children were each given an information pack to take home which included a road safety awareness leaflet, wordsearch, crossword and road safety quiz.

As well as listening to the very informative talk, the children got to put what they had learned into practice by crossing some nearby roads in groups, accompanied by the PC.

And to top it all they even got to have a sit in a police car and press the siren.


A fab time was had by all – thank you GMP.

It was also great to hear how GMP officers are having autism training to learn how to spot when somebody might be on the spectrum and the best and most appropriate ways to deal with them.

useful roadsafety websites:

Think:  http://think.direct.gov.uk/education/early-years-and-primary/pupils/over-7s/play/

Brake: http://www.brake.org.uk/schools-communities/young-people-and-road-safety

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