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Social Skills 25th May

Today was the  fifth session in our social skills course. The topic today was ‘Conversations’. The children watched some short films and took part in small group exercises to learn what makes a good conversation. As well as discussing where might be a good place to meet possible friends they covered things like; ways to start a conversation, listening, taking turns, asking/answering questions, being relevant and ending a conversation.

The children ALL gave some excellent answers and it was great to see how their confidence has grown since the first session.

The pictures below show one of the children choosing what things make a good conversation v a bad one, and the group playing the ‘pleased to meet you’ game where four children make an inner circle facing out and another four make an outer circle facing in – the outer circle walk around and stop when asked and then introduce themselves to the person they are facing in the inner circle, they then swapped so everybody got to start the conversation – this was a great and fun way for them to practice ‘ways to start a conversation’.

We are all very proud of the progress the children have made over the sessions and the way they have joined in with the various group exercises and the fantastic answers they have given. Well done to everybody who has taken part so far.

s skills 5 (3)
Choosing what makes a good conversation


Playing the ‘nice to meet you’ game


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